1. a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat
Syn: ↑inflammation, ↑rubor
Derivationally related forms: ↑red, ↑inflame (for: ↑inflammation)
Hypernyms: ↑symptom
adenitis, ↑alveolitis, ↑dry socket, ↑angiitis, ↑aortitis, ↑appendicitis, ↑arteritis, ↑balanitis, ↑balanoposthitis, ↑blepharitis, ↑bursitis, ↑carditis, ↑catarrh, ↑cellulitis, ↑cervicitis, ↑cheilitis, ↑cholangitis, ↑cholecystitis, ↑chorditis, ↑colitis, ↑inflammatory bowel disease, ↑colpitis, ↑colpocystitis, ↑conjunctivitis, ↑pinkeye, ↑corditis, ↑costochondritis, ↑dacryocystitis, ↑diverticulitis, ↑encephalitis, ↑cephalitis, ↑phrenitis, ↑encephalomyelitis, ↑endarteritis, ↑endocervicitis, ↑enteritis, ↑epicondylitis, ↑epididymitis, ↑epiglottitis, ↑episcleritis, ↑esophagitis, ↑oesophagitis, ↑fibrositis, ↑fibromyositis, ↑folliculitis, ↑funiculitis, ↑gastritis, ↑glossitis, ↑hydrarthrosis, ↑ileitis, ↑iridocyclitis, ↑iridokeratitis, ↑iritis, ↑jejunitis, ↑jejunoileitis, ↑keratitis, ↑keratoconjunctivitis, ↑keratoiritis, ↑keratoscleritis, ↑laminitis, ↑founder, ↑laryngitis, ↑laryngopharyngitis, ↑laryngotracheobronchitis, ↑lymphadenitis, ↑lymphangitis, ↑mastitis, ↑mastoiditis, ↑metritis, ↑endometritis, ↑myelitis, ↑myositis, ↑myometritis, ↑neuritis, ↑oophoritis, ↑orchitis, ↑osteitis, ↑otitis, ↑ovaritis, ↑pancreatitis, ↑parametritis, ↑parotitis, ↑peritonitis, ↑peritoneal inflammation, ↑phalangitis, ↑phlebitis, ↑pneumonitis, ↑posthitis, ↑proctitis, ↑prostatitis, ↑rachitis, ↑radiculitis, ↑retinitis, ↑rhinitis, ↑coryza, ↑sinusitis, ↑salpingitis, ↑scleritis, ↑sialadenitis, ↑splenitis, ↑spondylitis, ↑stomatitis, ↑synovitis, ↑tarsitis, ↑tendinitis, ↑tendonitis, ↑tenonitis, ↑thyroiditis, ↑tonsillitis, ↑tracheitis, ↑tracheobronchitis, ↑tympanitis, ↑ulitis, ↑ureteritis, ↑uveitis, ↑uvulitis, ↑vaginitis, ↑valvulitis, ↑vasculitis, ↑vasovesiculitis, ↑vesiculitis, ↑vulvitis, ↑vulvovaginitis, ↑shin splints
Part Holonyms: ↑inflammatory disease
2. red color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of blood
Syn: ↑red
Derivationally related forms: ↑red, ↑red (for: ↑red)

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